BONGWEED Worldwide Cannabis Legalization Token Buy Now On Pancakeswap Achieving worldwide legalization can only be done by having high hopes - pun intended - But that is what cryptocurrency can do to empower activists like us, activists like you. Introducing *The* Marijuana Legalization Token Buy Now On PancakeSwap Meet The World's First Crypto Powered Marijuana Legalization Project.




We are the first community-driven Weed Coin with a sole purpose. Dedication to the promotion and achievement of Worldwide Cannabis Legalization.

Catered for those who are looking to make yields! From cannabis users who wish to puff, puff, pass to their homies in non-legal countries – to our non-blazing buds, who share our community’s interests!

We have launched this project to help support the promotion of global cannabis legalization, and we intend to support the world’s cannabis industry through our investments and donations. All of our proceeds will go directly to the organizations that work to educate the public on the benefits of cannabis, as well as those fighting for legalization on the local, state, and national levels.


Built on the BSC; this DeFi-based cryptocurrency is the first of its kind, and with our activism efforts, we will set apart this project from other 420 coins. We aim to change the face of the game here at BongWeed. This project will help us reach a new era in the worldwide cannabis/crypto sector – and you can be a part of this movement, too! All the work we commit to will be a win for the cannabis community, and YOU get to earn rewards just for holding through our Puff, Puff, Passive Tokenomics!

Puff, Puff, Passive Income Tokenomics

There is a 10% tax on each transaction. These are divided into:

5% Return to Liquidity

5% of the transaction is automatically added to the liquidity pool to ensure fast and safe trading. We got 5 on it!

5% Return to Holders

Simply hold your coins and you will be automatically rewarded through each purchase/sale of BWC. 5% of every transaction is distributed to all holders. Yup, you’ll get 5 on it!

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Why Cannabis Isn’t Dangerous And Should Be Legalized

Positive Effect

As more and more studies have been conducted in this area, researchers suggest that the active ingredient in cannabis, THC, may provide a positive effect on the mental health of the human mind.

Appetite Control

It is well-known that cannabis stimulates hunger in its users. Researchers citing recent developments in the biochemistry and pharmacology of endogenous cannabinoid systems have possibly found a direct link to our eating motivation via the endocannabinoid system. Additionally, cannabis could be used possible as a treatment for certain eating disorders.

Treating Diabetes

Cannabis has been suggested to have certain beneficial effects for diabetics; it can help control your insulin levels, blood pressure, and CBD is helpful for treating the inflammation involved with diabetes.


Clinical studies have found that the cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD), may be helpful in treating epileptic seizures in epilepsy patients. According to one study, “This compound [CBD] showed efficacy as (sic) anti-seizure, antipsychotic, neuroprotective, antidepressant and anxiolytic.”.

Parkinson’s Disease

It has been suggested as a treatment for those with Parkinson’s disease. According to surveys, Parkinson’s patients reportedly saw improvement in sleep, tremors, and pain after using cannabis.


The ability of plant-derived and synthetic cannabinoids to control cancer cell growth and invasion has been demonstrated in numerous experimental studies using cancer cell lines and also by using genetically engineered mouse models.

Why Cannabis Isn't Dangerous

Now, you may be wondering to yourself can cannabis actually be safe?

According to new research conducted by various researchers, cannabis may have a positive effects on the overall well-being of the human body. This could be one reason why weed is getting all the more popular worldwide…

The "Smoke" Shop

As soon as our first batch of branded products is released, you will be redirected to the store here.


Why Should We 'Legalize It'?

Let us tell you briefly what it is we are fighting for.

The general consensus among the scientific community is that the main psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant, THC, is not a dangerous drug. Meaning, that the side effects from regular use, extended. and overuse of the compound do not contribute to any significant consequences physically nor psychologically. Additionally, when contrasted to the the both regulated and unregulated pharmacological substances that are allowed by law, many reports show that those drugs actually elicit more dangerous effects than that caused by THC consumption – despite their legal status.

For this reason, among many others, it is critical to support the reform of cannabis worldwide. There are thousands of benefits that the cannabis plant may be able to offer people. The legalization of cannabis will not only strengthen our arsenal of pharmaceutical knowledge, but will also offer people safer alternatives to the already-existent treatments that may have severe side effects (opioids, barbituates, etc.). Additionally, legalization will provide more economic opportunities for both the government and individual. 

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Our Roadmap

The Trail We Will Blaze

20 May 2021
Tokin' Launch [Token Launch]

We have launched our token to help support the cannabis industry. We are completely convinced of the potential medical and recreational benefits of cannabis, so we are striving to get maximum support organically and from the community. We will use all the available marketing tools, apps, and sites such as Reddit to maximize our reach. We expect this to be a long-term, serious project.

  • Coinhunt listing (done)
  • Poocoin ads (done)
  • Coinmarket application (done)
  • Joint rolling video contest, 4 Winners announced with BNB giveaways (done)
  • Twitter startup, with giveaway contest. (done)
  • Subreddit page fresh startup (done)
  • Full website relaunch, with detailed write-ups and complete revamp. (done)
  • Shilling Content creation contest a.k.a Meme contest up in this subreddit! (done)
  • Whitepaper “Grean-leaf” being written and constantly reviewed amongst devs and mods.
  • Twitter account startup followed by giveaway contest (coming very soon)
Q3 2021

We aim to completely launch our coin onto various platforms by this time to get greater publicity. Coincheck and CoinMarketCap are the top listed platforms to bring our token to the limelight. To be our first launching point, we have decided to choose WhiteBit as our first exchange we get listed onto.

  • (Ongoing) Informative but dank social media accounts to promote cannabis positivity, and memes! Of course, weed memes will be there.
  • (Ongoing) Listing down Cannabis legalization organizations for us to donate with and for us to possibly to form partnerships with.
  • (Ongoing) Influencer search, pushing and funding content creators to promote safe medical marijuana and possibly safe and responsible recreational use all over the world.
Q4 2021
Donations And Investments

We are planning to give all our donations to the charities and organizations that are fighting to reform cannabis law and legalize the sale/use of cannabis. Along with that, we intend to sell our own cannabis products and accessories in markets where it is legal.

  • Ways to send out carefully proposed formal educational campaigns for medical marijuana targeted specifically at gov’t and healthcare firms all over the world, country per country, city per city.
Q1 2022

In the first quarter of 2022, we will start selling accessories in the form of merch. The sale will take place via our own online store. 10% of the profit will be thrown into the token’s liquidity pool every month and / or is used to donate.

  • Cannabis brand search, looking into startups and established prospects to support our cause. (started)
  • Work on publishing several weed cookbooks, weed / accessory shops, our own bong designs and merch. (started)


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BONGWEED Worldwide Cannabis Legalization Token Buy Now On Pancakeswap Achieving worldwide legalization can only be done by having high hopes - pun intended - But that is what cryptocurrency can do to empower activists like us, activists like you. Introducing *The* Marijuana Legalization Token Buy Now On PancakeSwap Meet The World's First Crypto Powered Marijuana Legalization Project.